Causes of Autism

Causes of Autism-Genetic causes of autism

As you may already know, autism is a very complex and at times, confusing disorder. There are many factors that can be involved with the causes of autism, but there is no single cause that has been defined. There are believed to be some environmental factors involved, one of them being the exposure to Hg in vaccinations given to them as a baby. According to the Autism Research Institute, this is a key factor in this epidemic.

Causes of Autism

Autism is an illness that affects the entire body, triggering a biological brain dysfunction. The Autism Research Institute will continue to research all possibilities of cause.

The link that is shown is those with autism have a high metal content in the blood. They typically read high in mercury and lead. Our bodies do not have the ability to discard these metals and can build up in very high concentrations. It is these high levels that are associated with the interference in the social intellect of the brain. These metals create a drastic imbalance in the active and inactive glutathione, which is our body’s tool for metal detoxification. By working as an antioxidant, Glutathione regulates the process of eliminating these toxins in our bodies. Children with Autism, have shown severe impairment in ever measurement regarding their ability to keep this at a healthy level of defense.

Autism has increased exponentially from 6 out of 10,000 children to 60 in 10,000 since 1980. Boys seem to be affected by this more than girls.

We often wonder how metals get into our bodies; the link between autism and mercury has been traced to the vaccines given during their first 2 years of life. We are also exposed to the foods we eat. There can be high amounts of mercury in fish and shellfish. Women of childbearing age should avoid these.

The problem does not lie in the exposure or even taking in these toxins, the problem is these can’t be released once they are taken in. The problem is the build-up of these metals, which contribute to the causes of autism.

If you suspect your child is autistic, get help immediately, have him tested. There is help available and just knowing what the problem is will help both of you tremendously.